Discover the juicy side of The Hague!

The best way to explore the royal town

Guide Patrick at the Lange Vijverberg in The Hague.
Historical, yet funny & juicy stories;
That is Guide Patrick!
  • Do you think a city walk is all about boring facts and architectural styles?
  • Is a city tour is only interesting for tourists?
  • Does it always have to be politically correct?
Then you have not yet experienced a walking tour through The Hague with guide Patrick… ­čśë

During his city walks Tour Guide Patrick will show you that history can actually be funny, shocking and even very cosy. Because what better way is there to get to know an ancient city than through its juicy, creamy and even sinful tales which are told with unparalleled enthusiasm?!

‘Mistakes’, scandals, intrigue, criminals & other scum.

During this English guided tour you will go on a historical walk along a variety of different locations in the old city centre of The Hague. In just under two hours you will cross famous squares, stroll along chic avenues and walk through dark, narrow alleys. Guide Patrick will tell you all kinds of funny and juicy and sometimes even depraved (but always true) anecdotes of what has taken place behind these beautiful fa├žades; from strange facts to huge scandals.

Not only the stories about noblemen, Kings and “ordinary” locals, but also about gays, oblique marchers, fornicators and other scum.

The old water pump near the Big Church in The Hague
  • What keeps going wrong with our statues?
  • What sinful pastime did women have?
  • Who sells the most delicious egg cakes (eierkoeken) in the country?
  • What scandals could not bear the light of day?
  • What lies hidden at the bottom of the Royal Pond?
    And… why?
Wether you are an expat, tourist or local; you will see the Royal Town through very different eyes!

All stories are completely historically substantiated,
but told in a vivacious and compelling way.


Several tours every week.

The city walks with Guide Patrick are scheduled all year round and several times a week. These are all on open enrollment, so you can sign up easily and even individually. Normally three English and three Dutch tours are scheduled weekly.

Upcoming city walks:

Friday, April 20th, 2018

English guided tour Juicy & Vivacious Stories
Open Enrollment
Currently 20 tickets available!
Statue of William of Orange, The Hague

Saturday, April 21st, 2018

Dutch guided tour Smeuïge en Sappige Verhalen
Open Enrollment
Currently 16 tickets available!
Standbeeld van Haagse Harry in Den Haag - Gids Patrick.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Private Tour Priv├ę Rondleiding
Private Tour
Ôćĺ Request a private tour as well.
Standbeeld Willem van Oranje

Friday, April 27th, 2018

English guided tour Juicy & Vivacious Stories
Open Enrollment
Currently 20 tickets available!
Statue of William of Orange, The Hague

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Also available for Private Groups.

Are you organizing a corporate event, group getaway, birthday, bachelorette party, etc? Why not book a private group tour? In prior consultation my tours can often be customized in duration, location and/or content. And of course, this can generally be booked on a date and time which suit you best.
Please feel free to contact me for more information.