"Juicy and Vivacious Tales"

– Guided Tour with Guide Patrick on Saturday 24 June 2017 –

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City Tour:Juicy and Vivacious Tales
Date:Saturday 24-06-2017
Start:From 20:30 to 22:30 o'clock
Type:English guided tour English guided tour
Costs: 12.50 € p.p.
Status: 20 tickets still available
Statue of Johan de Witt
2513 The Hague
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Statue of Johan de Witt

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English guided tour: "Juicy and Vivacious Tales"

Oh oh, Den Haag…

  • The city of international Peace & Justice;
  • The city of centuries of noblemen, counts, Kings and ‘ordinary’ locals;
  • The city of Harry of The Hague (Haagse Harry);
  • The city of the beach at Scheveningen;
  • The city of Guide Patrick…

A juicy and vivacious city tour with Guide Patrick?

Logo Guide Patrick in The HagueThis Royal Town has an ancient history originating far beyond the 13th century. So there are many stories that can be told. Too many perhaps? Fortunately Guide Patrick has made a selection of the funniest, strangest, juiciest, most stunning and amazing of those anecdotes for you…
During this evening tour guide Patrick will take you on a historical, yet relaxed walk through The Hague’s old city center, You will cross famous squares, stroll along high-class avenues and through dark and narrow alleys. Here he tells you all kinds of juicy and sinful and even gruesome (but always true) stories of times gone by. Or have they…?
In just under two hours you will see what lies hidden behind the posh façade; from strange facts to huge scandals. A city walk with tour guide Patrick is all about the creamy and juicy and even atrocious details which others often would rather not tell.
Stories about ‘ordinary’ locals and their daily hustle and bustle.
Stories about nobility, kings and queens and their dirty ‘little’ secrets and scandals.
Stories about prostitutes, criminals and other scum.

Patrick has an enormous passion for The Hague and its history. His enthusiasm and lively way of storytelling will make his juicy and sometimes even gruesome stories come back to life. As if you were right there when they happend...

In short:
When you participate in a city walk with guide Patrick you will discover The Hague at its juiciest!


Where & when?

Evening tour with Guide Patrick.
  • Saturday 24 June 2017 at 8:30 PM
  • 90 to 120 minutes
  • € 12.50 p.p.
  • Statue of Johan de Witt in The Hague
  • Fully wheelchair accessible
  • Even your dog is allowed with!
  • Smoking allowed (we're outside)
  • Will also take place in bad weather

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Saturday 24-06-2017

20:30 o'clock

12.50 € p.p. (incl. € 2.17 VAT)

  (20 tickets still available)

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