Guide Patrick; professional city lover

– Love for The Hague & passion for history –

My name is Patrick, also known as Guide Patrick. As a born local I have been guiding a passionate city guide since 2013 and have been taking people through the istorical center of the Royal Town while I tell them all kinds of juicy and creamy anecdotes from The Hague’s history.

What is a city tour with Guide Patrick?

The Hague's stork The Hague is a century old city and therefore has a very rich history. But just like in school, history lessons could be very nice or very, very boring and even soporific. Most of the time that had to do with the teacher… I used to have a teacher to whose lips I hung. Oh, the way that man told his stories!

That is one thing I never forgot!
During my city walks I will prove that history does not have to be dull at all. I have always been a rather smooth patter by nature, but the combination of my love for this Royal Town and my passion for storytelling ensures that you will not get bored. In addition, as a born ‘Hagenees’ (local) I have made the deliberate choice to not stick to the traditional or ‘politically correct’ anecdotes. No, the creamy and juicy details appeal to me so much more. Stories about scandals, intrigue, sex, diseases, prostitutes, criminals, etc.

All my stories are completely historically substantiated, but nice juicy, creamy and vividly told. ;-)

In my online calendar you will find all tours to which you can sign up per person.
Of course you can also request a private tour. In that case we will walk on a date and time that suits you best.

Why did I start Guide Patrick?

Profile photo of Guide Patrick What started out as a side-job with a different organization (Duister Den Haag (Dark The Hague)), became more and more my passion. In only a short while I was guiding all their English and most of their Dutch tours. Unfortunately in June 2016, after three years, there came an abrupt end to this collaboration.

After I sat at home for a while I found that I really missed being a tour guide, so in the second part of August I decided to start my own company.

As an entrepreneur I could immediately give it all my own twist; right away I was able to make my own selection of stories and tell them in my own, unique and vivacious manner without any restrictions of others.

That is why my city walks are truly different from all others!

I can honestly say that I managed top create my job out of my hobby, for when I can tell people about the most beautiful town behind the dunes with sincere enthusiasm, I’m having the time of my life!

It would be great if I could welcome you to one of my unique tours some time soon. ;-)